Admiral Studios Stands with Ukraine through Braveproject Initiative



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Admiral Studios is proud to announce its participation in an exceptional initiative – Braveproject. It is not just another corporate social responsibility campaign; it's our commitment to stand with the Ukrainian community and contribute to causes that truly matter. We believe in using our platform for the greater good, and Braveproject provides the ideal avenue for this.

About Braveproject and Its Noble Objectives

Braveproject is a fundraising initiative that has creatively repurposed the concept of The Million Dollar Homepage. The project sells pixels on a digital board for $1 each, aiming to reach a fundraising goal of $1 million. All the collected funds are dedicated to Ukraine's Armed Forces or to humanitarian needs within the country.

Donors have the choice to allocate their contributions to military requirements such as surveillance and kamikaze drones or to humanitarian causes like providing bionic prostheses for Ukrainians who have lost limbs due to conflict. Remarkably, 100% of the funds are directed towards these causes without administrative fees.

Standing in Solidarity

Admiral Studios has taken this opportunity to show its unequivocal support for Ukraine by purchasing pixels on Braveproject's board. It is more than a transaction; it's an endorsement of Ukraine's struggle for independence and dignity. We understand the power of community and the collective impact of individual actions. We hope our participation will inspire other IT companies, businesses, and individual donors to contribute to this valuable cause.

Why You Should Join Braveproject

In times of war, small actions can make a huge difference. By partaking in Braveproject, you're contributing financially and making a statement that resonates with the values of justice, freedom, and community support.

The project allows donors to receive additional value by showcasing their banners on the digital board, which adds an interesting twist to traditional philanthropy. And remember, 100% of your contribution will go directly to its intended purpose. Let's be a part of this incredible project together. We all can write history, one pixel at a time.